Pressure Reducer DM 618

Compact Cast Valve for High Flow Rates

The pressure reducing valves of the DM 618 series are single seated straight-way valves for high flow rates with balanced cone designed in accordance to DIN EN and ASME standard. Available is a very compact and soft sealed valve for gases and liquids or a valve with mid section and metallic seal for steam.


Thanks to the ongoing development of our Pressure Control Valves proven over decades, the price and delivery time have been significantly reduced but with improved basic features!


» Body made of cast steel 1.0619 (A216-WCB)
» Medium-wetted internal parts made of 1.4404 (316L)
» Closed spring cap made of 1.4404 (316L)
» Leakage line connection with adjusting screw seal
» Balanced cone
» High regulating accuracy
» Easy setting of nominal values
» No compensation vessel required, easy assembly
» Available in accordance to DIN EN or ASME standard




Pressure Reducer for High Flow Rates M SignetDM 618
M SignetDM 618Z
single-seat straight-way valve for high flow rates with balanced cone | usable for liquids and gases up to 130 °C, for steam up to 250 °C | body made of 1.0619 (A216WCB) available according to DIN EN or ASME standard | diaphragm housing, spring cap and internal parts made of stainless steel 1.4404 (316L) | very precise regulation | spring cap with leakage line connection and adjusting screw seal
DN 15 - 100 NPS 1/2 - 4  
PN 16 - 40 Class 150 - 300
Kvs 4,5 - 110 m³/h Cvs 5,2 - 133 US gal/min.
P2 0,8 - 10 bar P2 10 - 145 psi
T 130 / 250 °C T 266 / 482 °F


Please find further Information on the following links:


DM 618     DM 618Z     DM 618 ASME     DM 618Z ASME


Equipment features of the DM 618 type series

The low overall height in combination with the cast steel body and the modular structure at a very attractive price make the DM618 series particularly interesting for various application areas.


pressure reducer DM 618 - compare directlyThe new pressure reducing valves are available in nominal diameters from DN 15 up to DN 100 respectively NPS 1/2 - 4. As standard, the pressure reducing valves are supplied with a cast steel body (1.0619 / A216WCB).


The users receive a sturdy and low-maintenance control valve withstanding inlet pressures of up to 40 bar (DIN EN standard) respectively 51 bar (ASME standard) and featuring very favourable flow dynamics.


The medium-wetted internal parts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel (1.4404 / SS316L).


The closed stainless steel spring cap provides entire protection from accidental contact with the spring. Thanks to the leakage line connection and adjusting spring seal, the valve is also suitable for toxic or flammable media.


Thanks to its compact design, the valve’s installation height is significantly reduced and is approx. 20 percent below those of competitors without the flow rate being restricted.


The non-rising adjusting screw ensures precise and easy adjustment of the set value. The proper function of the control valve can easily be determined during operation by touching the adjusting screw (easy to check).


Adjusted control surfaces and springs guarantee high regulating accuracy. The balancing piston keeps the valve virtually independent from the inlet pressure.


Thanks to modular construction, the valve’s pressure range can be adapted rapidly to changing requirements. The Mankenberg clamp system and a new and innovative plug-in unit ensure user-friendly maintenance. To modify the pressure range, the valve actuation can be easily changed any time.


Thus the valve meets the most demanding of customer requirements and compared to valves made of ductile iron it can withstand also higher pressures.



Shorter Delivery Times

The delivery times for our cast steel valves DM618 as well as DM618Z in accordance with DIN EN are reduced by integrating them into our logistics concecpt M-TIME. As of now, these valves are adapted to your application and assembled to order and will be ready for despatch after maximally 15 work days. The ASME versions will also be integrated shortly. Currently, they have a delivery time of approx. 20 work days.

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