High Grade

Our Modular Construction System Made of Deep-drawn Stainless Steel

We allocated the name High Grade to our complete product range of deep-drawn stainless steel control valves. This assortment of products is based on a flexible and worldwide unique modular system of deep-drawn components made of stainless steel.

With our High Grade modular system we are able to manufacture your customised solutions in a fully cost-optimised way and simultaneously supply standard valves within three days.


High Grade Baukastensystem ausEdelstahl tirfgezogen



On the Safe Side with High Grade

The proven properties of our High Grade valves enhance the operational availability of your plant and reduce your costs on a long-term basis. If an overpressure situation occurs, the clamp system of our deep-drawn stainless steel valves raises the operational safety by yielding slightly. Unlike with cast valves, possible bursting is excluded.


Vorteile Mankenberg High Grade Baukasten


Compact, pressure- and

corrosion-resistant due to

deep-drawn stainless steel

CrNiMo (316L)

Long lifespan, manageable

installation, minimum space

required, low delta-ferrite

content possible



Inlet pressure up to 250 bar



Standard surface RA ≤ 1,6 μm




Mankenberg profile clamps

Easy maintenance



PTFE protection foil

Physiologically harmless, can

be used at temperatures of

up to 190 °C



Many control modules available

Precise regulation,

also in the millibar range




Non-rising adjusting screw

Non-varying installation height,

function externally visible



Various connection alternatives

DIN-, ANSI- or aseptic flanges,

welded ends, and many more...

No adapters or fitting pieces




Leakage line connection and

sealed adjusting screw (option)

Suitable for inflammable and

dangerous media in compliance

with UVV rules




Parameters for High Grade


parameters for High Grade valves


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