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Mining Industry

Application: Venting and Bleeding of Collecting Pipes for Ground Water and/or Deep Drainage in Surface Mining

Mankenberg's Solution
EB 1.59

Description of the Plant

The German energy supplier Vattenfall Mining AG operates five surface mines in the German states of Saxony and Brandenburg to convert brown coal into electricity. In order to be able to convey the coal water must be drained. This includes lifting of the ground water via a range of deep wells and draining to the mine water cleaning plants.

Task of the Valve
The bleeding/venting valve is capable of continuously discharging small air amounts
under operating pressure and to induce an unequally high air quantity into the pipeline in case of a pump failure or quick closing of shut-off valves. Thus the used thin-walled PE pipes are efficiently protected from implosion and the entire pipeline system is protected from pressure surges.

Your Advantage
The bleeding/venting valve 1.59 combines sufficient bleeding performance with high venting performance. Simultaneously the valve features a lightweight and frost proof design and is reasonably priced. Thanks to its material and design the valve easily meets the customer's requirements which specify mining water, different pH values, and air temperatures up to -30°C.


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Pipe for Water and/or Deep Drainage in Surface Mining

Application: Bleeding/venting of Surface Drainage Lines in Surface Mining

Mankenberg's Solution
EB 1.74So DN 100


Description of the Plant
Surface mines are operated in the German states of Saxony and Brandenburg to convert brown coal into electricity in power stations. Needless to say that all surface mines are exposed to the elements. The result is irregularly occurring precipitation of various intensity. Thus the draining process of the surface mining water is also effected in intervals.


Task of the Valve
At the beginning/end of coal extraction large air amounts have to be taken in or led out at a small differential pressure. At the end of the start-up/switch-off phase smaller air amounts have to be taken in or led out at operating pressure.


Your advantage
The special requirements in the mining industry (mining water containing ochre with different pH values, outdoor installation with temperatures going down to -30°C, wind loads) require a sturdy, frost proof, lightweight and easy-to-maintain valve which simultaneously has a limited overall height.
The EB 1.74So DN 100 combines high air performance with a compact and lightweight design. Thanks to the used stainless steel the valve has a long operational lifespan. These design features provide for high performance with special suitability for mining water with an optimal price-performance ratio.


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