Valves as Welded Construction

A flexible Solution for large Nominal Diameters


Welded constructions are a flexible solution for valves with large nominal diameters. In addition a combination of various materials and production techniques is possible. In so doing, steel elements can be reasonably completed with parts made of stainless steel and solid material. This process is very cost-effective for limited-lot or single-item productions and simultaneously offers a lot of flexibility with regard to your requirements.


Customised for your Application

  • shorter delivery times compared with cast designs
  • use of special materials
  • lighter weight, compact design
  • single-item productions are possible
  • short-notice change of design, e.g. flange standard or adapted building length


Vorteile Ventile als Schweißkonstruktionen


Huge nominal diameters

up to DN 800



Useable for high pressures

up to PN 160



Valve with more than one

control task / pilot

flexible applications



Available in special materials

also suitable for extreme




Adapted building length

Tailor made solutions



Individual flange standards

No adapters or fitting pieces





Welding Inspections


Qualified Welderers in acc. to

Welding Procedure Tests

» AD2000-HP3
» DIN EN ISO 14732 (DIN EN 1418)
» DIN EN 9606-1 8DIN EN 287-1)
» DIN EN 9606-5
» AD2000-HP2/1
» DIN EN ISO 15613
» DIN EN ISO 15614-1 (DIN EN 288-3)
» DIN EN ISO 15614-5
» Others on request



Parameters for Valves as Welded Constructions


parameters for wlded constructions


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