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Öl- und Gasindustrie

The Industry

Owing to the persistently strong demand for fossil fuels, oil and gas are extracted from the fields even in extreme climate zones and environmental conditions. Oil drilling plants can be found in oil fields onshore or offshore on oil rigs or floating production systems (FPSO). After extraction the crude oil is put into interim storage in tanks and then pumped through big pipelines or onto tank ships and transported to petrochemical and chemical plants that are located many miles away. There, primary and semi-finished products for the petrochemical industry are produced as well as various finished products such as liquid gases (propane, butane), fuels and/or lubricants, bitumen and sulphur etc.


The oil value chain can be subdivided into three key processes: upstream comprises exploration, extraction and production, the midstream phase consists of transport and storage and, lastly, during the downstream phase the oil is processed and refined. Self-acting control valves ensure smooth operating processes during all three phases, for example for start-up bleeding, pump protection, vacuum protection, tank inertisation or condensate discharge.


The manifold transport and processing ways pose high demands on plant components: on the one hand extreme corrosion resistance is required because they are often exposed to highly corrosive marine atmospheres or must control aggressive or abrasive media. The presence of for ex. hydrogen sulphide (H2S) may also induce a corrosion mechanism. Therefore, certain components must be resistant to acid gas according to NACE standards. On the other hand, valves and components used in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres must fulfill the current rules and regulations on explosion protection ATEX 2014/34/EU.

Product Requirements

» Extreme climate zones and environmental conditions
» Corrosion-resistant materials, PREN > 40
(for ex. Duplex, Superduplex, Hastelloy® or Titanium)
» NACE-compliant acid gas version
» Complex documentation
» High pressures
» Large diameters
» High volume flows
» Acceptance (often Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas)

Advantages of Mankenberg Products

» Manifold materials
» Variable connections
» Complete documentation
» Extensive acceptance tests
» Plant-specific solutions

Example Installation / Apllication Scheme


Tank farm

Anwendungsschema Öl- & Gasindustrie Tanklager


1 Vacuum Braker 4 Safety Valve 7 Combined Bleeding and Venting Valve
2 Pressure Reducing Valve 5 Back Pressure Regulator 8 Surge Relief Valve
3 tartup Bleeding and Venting Valve 6 Continuous Bleeding and Venting Valves  


Shell, BP, Total, Gaz de France, Exxon Mobile, Transneft, Petrobras, Repsol, Statoil, Oiltanking, Wintershall, ADCO,  Foster Wheeler



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