Money Box Rally - A fun way to see how industry and production work

Money Box Rally

A fun way to see how industry and production work

The "money box rally" acts as an open day for schoolchildren aged between 13 and 14 and is well-established in Lübeck as an interface between school and industry. With the help of a product, the main theme of the open day is to see how the company works and get to know the departments as well as learn about 3 forms of on-the-job training. During the rally, the production of a stainless steel money box replaces that of a stainless steel valve.


These regular events are organised and carried out by Mankenberg`s trainees who have the chance to demonstrate their presentation and communication skills. The pupils, on the other hand, spend a day at Mankenberg and learn all about the company and possibilities for on-the-job training. The money box rally begins with a short PowerPoint presentation which introduces the company and its products. After that it`s off to explore the whole company.


First stop is at the Order Processing Department. Here the pupils are given a piece list for their stainless steel money box which is made up of various components from the Production. Off to the Technical Department where the technical drawings are explained and handed out. Then over to the Production where the pupils can get the individual components from the store and assemble their money box.

Finally their creations can be inscribed using an electrochemical process. At each stage of the rally the trainees explain what happens at the company.


Potato salad and sausages help the pupils when they fill out a questionnaire on the money box rally pinpointing the most important aspects.


Many of the pupils later apply for on-the-job training at Mankenberg. The money box rally is an ideal opportunity to make people more aware of career prospects in industry.


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