Bleeding and Venting Valves / Continuous Bleeding and Venting Valves

Continuous Bleeding and Venting Valves


Bleeding and venting valves remove air or gases from systems or pipelines without requiring an external energy input. When a system is drained they act as venting valves; venting may be prevented by fitting a non-return valve.

EB 6.32 are float-controlled, compact and lightweighted bleeding and venting valves for particular applications and special media. Thanks to its fully developed lever mechanism, the valve is suitable for media from a density of 468 kg/m³. They are manufactured from stainless steel featuring excellent corrosion resistance. The valve cone can be fitted with a soft or metallic seal.

The simple design makes it easy to specify, install, handle and service these valves in an industrial environment.

Valves for continuous bleeding must not be overdimensioned. If a larger valve size is selected, a higher working pressure range with a correspondingly lower flow volume should be chosen. In case of doubt we shall be happy to advise you.

On filter vessels the bleed connection is often located in the middle of the vessel. If the flow volume is large and the distance between distribution funnel and bleed connection small, the incoming water jet hits the bleed connection. This will impair the efficiency of the bleed valve and can result in water hammer. This problem may be avoided by installing a baffle or by placing the bleed connection away from the centre.

» All stainless steel construction
» Cone with soft seal
» Version suitable for temperatures up to 200°C
» Ozone-resistant design
» Various seal materials suitable for your medium
» Plastic coating for corrosive fluids
» Non-return valve to prevent venting
» Special connections: Aseptic, ANSI or DIN flanges, welding spigots; other connections on request
» Special versions on request

Operating instructions, know how and safety instructions must be observed. The pressure has always been indicated as overpressure.
We reserve the right to alter technical specifications without notice.

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